Northern Virginia Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

In alignment with our commitment to serving Northern Virginia residents, Infinite Electric is proud to accommodate drivers making the switch to electric vehicles. If you own an electric vehicle and would like the convenience and safety offered by an EV home charging station, we’ve got you covered!

At Infinite Electric, we offer professional EV Charger installations for residential properties in the Northern VA area. Infinite Electric is a company passionate about providing the best value and service in the industry. All of our electrical experts are specially trained, state-licensed, fully insured, and background checked. You can rest assured, you are in good hands!

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Benefits of Residential EV Charging Stations from Infinite Electric

The electrical technicians at Infinite Electric can help you choose the charging station that is right for you, ensure that your home is properly equipped, and seamlessly complete your installation.

Affordable EV Charging. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that at-home electric vehicle charging costs an average of $0.04 for each mile of charge. 

Convenience. You can recharge your EV on your own schedule from the convenience of your garage, waking up each morning with a full battery.

Federal Tax Credit. When installing an EV charging station, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit of 30% of the cost of your purchase and installation.

Increased Home Value. A residential EV charging station can help boost the retail value of your home. 

Peace of Mind. At-home EV charging stations eliminate all of the driving range, charging levels, and public charging risks, giving you continuous peace of mind.

If you own an electric vehicle and are ready for an EV charging station of your own, give us a call at (540) 881-0473 today!

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