Switches and Outlets

Replacing and Installing Switches, Outlets, and Dimmers in Northern VA

Do you need to have your Northern Virginia home’s switches, outlets, or dimmers replaced or repaired? Do you need to have new electrical wiring installed?

Infinite Electric can install floor outlets to reduce the risk of tripping over unsightly cords, install direct lines to new appliances or your home entertainment system, and prevent tripped breakers while also saving energy.

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Signs Your Switch Plates and Outlets Need to be Replaced

If you notice any of these warning signs, you should seriously consider replacing your switch plates or old outlets:

The outlet is warm or hot to the touch.

You have missing, cracked, or broken cover plates.

You have a teardrop-shaped outlet.

At Infinite Electric, our licensed electricians will get your electrical job done both quickly and safely, and we will make sure your home complies with all local electrical codes.

Let us put a sparkle in your next electrical project!