Residential Electricians for Remodeling Projects in Northern VA

If you want to give your Northern Virginia home a brand new look, allow Infinite Electric to make sure wires, switches, breakers, and everything electrical is safe and works the way it should. We assist in any home remodeling project, including kitchens, bathrooms, and additions.

Give us a call at (540) 881-0473 for help wiring your Northern Virginia remodeling projects, big or small!

Electrical Remodeling Services

If you want to undertake an electrical remodeling project in Northern VA and don’t know where to begin, please contact us. Our expert electricians can help you plan and get started on your new remodeling project. We can save you money in the long run by ensuring appliances and other objects do not have to be relocated to work properly for your electrical system. Our Northern Virginia electrical remodeling contractors can install new wiring to add to your home’s convenience or re-wire present systems to keep your home safe.


From small kitchen remodels to lavish kitchen upgrades, we do it all. We can install dishwashers and garbage disposals, under-cabinet lights and outlets, new circuits with ground fault protection, and even ice makers.


One of the most important considerations in any bathroom remodel is the placement of Ground Control Fault Interrupters or GCFIs. A GFCI outlet receptacle will ensure that you and your family members are protected from ground faults, which occur when electricity, instead of following its normal path – an electrical wire – passes through a person’s body to the ground. That person becomes a conductor, and you may know this condition as an electrical shock.

When remodeling your Northern Virginia bathroom, it is important to understand the importance and requirement of GFCI receptacle protection. Do not risk electrocution – have these outlets installed.

At Infinite Electric, we understand the importance of GFCI outlets. We have the expertise you need to take care of those and all your other bathroom remodeling electrical needs. Protect your family by choosing Infinite Electric as your professional bathroom remodeling electrical contractor.


Our electricians have years of experience in the electrical systems that go into a room addition. We are skilled in problems unique to room additions, such as requirements for basement conversions, wiring circuit breakers for second-story additions, handling problems in basement additions, and other circuitry, panel, and wire complexities associated with room additions.

You need a licensed and professional electrician and contractor to tackle this project as safely as possible. Working on your electrical system can be extremely hazardous if you do not have the proper experience. Please do not try this yourself; call a licensed and expert electrical technician from Infinite Electric. We will give you an upfront quote or estimate before any work begins so that you know what will happen before any wires are stripped or any circuits removed.

Need New Construction Wiring?

New construction wiring, rough-in, and trim are both a science and an art. We take pride in our craft’s details, and it’s evident before and after the sheetrock is on. Our lines are clean, our holes drilled to perfection, and every wire is stripped with care to ensure no dangerous kinks.

At Infinite, we believe quality and cost do not need to be mutually exclusive. Our goal is always the same: we aim to have the best value in the Northern Virginia area. Value is a perfect blend of quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service.

We have the expertise and confidence to tackle any size project ranging from basic 3/2 builds to 10,000+ square foot mansions. Feel free to contact us, and we will gladly respond with a detailed estimate. Thank you for allowing us to compete.

Let us put a sparkle in your next electrical project!