Service Entrance Cable and Meter Base Installation in Northern VA

You may be wondering what your responsibility is and what is the responsibility of the utility company. The utility is responsible for bringing electricity to your home and making sure it is metered properly. However, you think other equipment may be the utility’s responsibility to maintain but is actually yours.

The two most common pieces of equipment people assume are the utility company’s responsibility, include the service entrance cable and meter base. This equipment is actually the home owner’s responsibility. If you need a service entrance cable or meter base installation, call the Infinite Electric professionals at (540) 881-0473.

If you have any questions concerning which equipment is your responsibility and the utility’s responsibility, give us a call at Infinite Electric!

Electric Utility’s Responsibility

If you have overhead wires running from the utility pole to your home, then you have overhead electric service. Your local utility is responsible for any repairs and maintenance to that cable. However, if you damage this cable, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs.

Home Owner’s Responsibility

The weatherhead is the area where the overhead electric cable connects to your home. This is your responsibility. If your weatherhead has a loose connection, this can result in a voltage problem that could cause an electrical fire or damage any sensitive electronic equipment.

Running from the weatherhead to the meter is the service entrance cable. This cable then runs from the meter to your home’s main electrical service panel. You are responsible for repairs to this cable, and these repairs must be performed by a professional.

The electric meter is mounted on a meter base that sometimes needs to be re-attached to a home, repaired, or replaced. Again, the meter base is the home owner’s responsibility, and a technician must perform any necessary service. The meter itself is the responsibility of the utility. However, if you damage it, you will have to pay to repair or replace it.

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