Whole-Home Surge Protection in Northern Virginia

Electricity typically flows in a steady current. This means we can normally use all of our electrical appliances without any problems but at random moments, the power can spike unexpectedly and surge through your system. Issues with power lines are often the cause of residential power surges. However, powerful appliances and equipment such as your AC, water heater, and even your garage door opener (all of which require a large amount of electricity) also create surges if they run at the same time.

If a surge takes place and your electrical system isn’t prepared to handle it, this can result in an electrical fire. You may already have portable surge strips for your electronics, and this is a great first line of defense when it comes to protecting your television, computer, and audio systems. However, the larger appliances in your home remain vulnerable. The trick is to protect your system beforehand against unpredictable power surges—and that’s how Infinite Electric can help, providing you with whole-home surge protection.

Power surges can damage many different home appliances, including:






Air conditioners

Anything that runs with a motor is vulnerable to power surges. Using the right surge protector, you can safeguard all of your investments. However, lightning is an exception. No surge protector can offset the power of lightning. During a lightning storm, unplug your major appliances until the storm subsides.

Professional Surge Protector Installation

Finding the right product depends on your electrical needs, system layout, and more. Our Northern Virginia electricians at Infinite Electric have years of evaluating systems and offering professional recommendations. We do not recommend performing this installation on your own since there are adjustments that will need to be made to the electrical panel. We’ll be more than happy to examine your system and suggest which surge protector is best suited for your home.

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