AFCI & GFCI Outlets

AFCI & GFCI Outlet Installation in Northern Virginia

About three hundred people are killed each year due to electrocutions caused by poorly installed electrical outlets. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a device that is designed specifically to protect homeowners from severe shocks and electrical burns.

Infinite Electric offers installation of code-compliant electrical safety devices, including Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, that reduce fire risk to Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter cable assemblies, receptacles, and portable GFCI kits help protect against electrical shock, as well as circuit breakers.

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Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection

Outlet Branch-Circuit (OBC) AFCI receptacles can contribute to overall homeowner safety by monitoring the electrical circuits for the presence of dangerous arcing conditions. AFCI receptacles are designed to recognize an arc fault and quickly trip to stop the flow of electricity to prevent the electrical system from being an ignition source of a fire.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection

GFCI breakers & GFCI receptacles provide superior safety and ensure electric shock protection in areas where electricity may come into contact with water, such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms, swimming pools, hot tubs, and out­door receptacles. GFCI breakers immediately break the circuit when electrical current leakage is detected, reducing the risk of shock and electrocution. GFCI receptacles will render themselves inoperable if no GFCI protection is present. A red indicator light will blink, notifying the user there is no power, and you must replace the device.

Ungrounded & Grounded Outlets

How can you tell the difference between an ungrounded and grounded electrical outlet in your Northern VA home? Basically, if you only see two holes instead of three or see that the “smiley face” is missing from the outlet, it is ungrounded.

You’ll find most ungrounded outlets in homes built before 1960. However, the problem isn’t really with the outlet itself, but the two-conductor wiring that goes inside. This was the proper wiring method at the time, but as technology and safety awareness increased, two-prong outlets were replaced with three-prong outlets.

Updating Your Electrical Outlets in Northern VA

A three-prong receptacle is considered the safest type of outlet. By installing a GFCI to each outlet, you are adding a level of safety. We can come to your home, rewire each of your electrical outlets with a new, grounded circuit, and rewire each outlet from there. This will guarantee that your outlets meet current code and safety standards and are completely grounded.

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