Causes of Electrical Fires

Your panel provides electricity to your entire home, and maintenance checks will allow it to work efficiently and power your home safely. Electrical fires are pricey, stressful, and dangerous. The top causes of electrical fires are damaged wires, overheating wires, old appliances, and surges.

Damaged Wires

Any wires that are frayed or exposed are a common cause of electrical fires. If your wiring in your home is older, please call us to provide a free whole home inspection of your electrical system and outlets.

Overheating Wires

Remember to have cords to electrical devices free from rugs, cloth materials, and anything flammable. This will greatly decrease the risk of overheating, which can lead to a fire. We do not advise using any extension cords for any reason in the home. Think about having additional outlets installed to avoid using an extension cord. If you ever smell a burning smell in your home, if you noticed the appliance or item that made the smell, 1. Unplug it immediately. 2. Call Infinite Electric for an inspection. 3. Do NOT continue to use the appliance or item that causes the burning smell until you have had a licensed Electrician take a look.  

Old Appliances

Old appliances can draw higher amounts of current than the new energy-saving ones. If the appliances running at the same time are causing flickering, dimming, or buzzing, then it may be time to upgrade your appliances or your panel to handle the current safely. 


This one is an easy fix with installing surge protection. This will protect your devices and appliances, as well as reduce the risk of fire. Everyone has more devices in their homes these days; please protect them and have peace of mind. 

If you notice an issue or even think you have an issue, give us a call. Our first visit is always free to go over price options that fit your project needs. It is better to be safe than truly sorry down the road. Call us at (540) 881-0473, and dispatch will work you into the schedule. 

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