Generator Installation and Repair

Generator Installation and Repair in Northern Virginia

When you lose power, life is complicated. Infinite Electric understands the strain power outages put on homes in the Northern Virginia area. We offer generator installation—among our electrical services—as one more way that we care for our customers.

Be prepared for the next power outage! Call us today at (540) 881-0473 to receive an estimate for backup generator installation, maintenance, or repair in Northern Virginia.

With a standby generator, you’re never without electricity for more than a minute. When your utility power is disrupted, the generator turns on and then shuts off and re-enters standby mode as soon as your utility power is restored.

Infinite Electric technicians are licensed, skilled professionals who install the right power backup equipment in your Northern VA home to give you peace of mind if you lose power.

Our Northern Virginia electricians can help you with the following:

Select the correct generator size.

Explain how the installation works.

Choose the location where your generator should be installed.

Backup Generator Maintenance and Repair

Infinite Electric provides five-star standby backup generator maintenance and repair to the residents of Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. Our experienced technicians perform detailed inspections and carry out thorough maintenance protocols, including checking fluid levels, testing load banks, changing fuel and air filters, inspecting connections, and upgrading worn out parts.

If your generator needs repairing, an Infinite Electric technician will evaluate the unit and give you an estimate for the repair work. Call us today at (540) 881-0473 to schedule an estimate. Depending on the complexity of the problem and the parts needed, our technician may repair your generator on the same visit!

Let us put a sparkle in your next electrical project!