Electrical Services in Northern Virginia

At Infinite Electric, customer safety is our top priority. Specializing in services that improve energy efficiency and safeguard your family, Infinite Electric technicians offer simple and complex upgrades for aging Northern Virginia properties and new home additions.

Protecting You From Fire Risk

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), U.S. electrical fires claim 490 lives each year and cause 1,440 injuries. Whether your home or business contains timeworn breaker panels, is wired improperly, or lacks the power to keep up with today’s electrical demands, antiquated wiring puts you and your property at risk.

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Signs You Need an Electrician

If your current service panel provides less than 200 amps of electricity, or the following situations sound familiar, call Infinite Electric at (540) 881-0473 to schedule electrical service troubleshooting or upgrades.

Some homeowners allow their wiring to get worse and worse until it’s too late. Is your home bombarded with electrical problems? There are many warning signs your home needs to be upgraded:

Inadequate number of outlets. If your home does not have enough outlets in each room, you may be relying on a twisted mess of extension cords and power strips. Overloading outlets with multiple cords and appliances can trip a circuit or start a fire. Some older homes have only one to two outlets per room. Infinite Electric technicians can install new outlets to meet your electrical needs and free you from unsightly extension cords and power strips.

Tripped circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are designed to trip when overloaded or when there is a short circuit or electrical problem. To avoid constantly tripping a circuit, think about upgrading your circuit breaker to accommodate more electronic equipment.

Dimming lights. When lights in your home flicker or fade in and out during appliance use, you may need an upgrade. An upgrade enhances performance and accommodates increased energy use.

Problems with appliances. If you are tired of choosing between the microwave and the coffee pot to avoid tripping a circuit, discuss your home energy needs with our experienced electricians. With an upgraded electrical system, you can use your appliances when and where you wish—without inconvenient, risky circuit problems.

Code violations. When building, renovating, or adding to your home, make sure that it meets current Virginia electrical codes. If your property does not conform to the latest electrical standards, you could be denied a building permit or delay your project’s completion date. Electrical codes were put in place to safeguard your property and its occupants. While upgrades may be a significant investment, they are proven to increase property value and improve electrical performance.

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